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Diamond Painting Bling Art

DIY Bling Rhinestone Tumbler Kit

DIY Bling Rhinestone Tumbler Kit

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Try blinging your very own rhinestone Tumbler with this amazing kit. Create a simple or custom design with your favorite color rhinestones. The stainless steel insulated tumblers keeps drinks hot or cold for hours

Bling Kit Includes:

20 oz Stainless Steel Skinny tumbler with lid & straw

Rubber cup bottom (applied afterward)

ss20 Rhinestones  (approx 2880)

Rhinestone Tray
Wax Pencil

Glue bottle with precision tip

Sanding sponge

Alcohol Wipe
Disposable Applicator  

Care Instruction card

Steps to complete:

  1. Paint tumbler to match color of rhinestone (optional)
  2. Use Sanding block and sand tumbler to remove the shiny slick appearance.  For a sublimation cup this step is not necessary
  3. Use alcohol wipe and wipe down the surface to remove dust and oils, let air dry
  4. Pour rhinestones in sorting tray
  5. Apply a small amount of glue in a short line. Start at the top of the tumbler
  6. Place rhinestones around tumbler evenly spaced LET DRY before moving to next row. This is the foundation row so be sure it is straight.  Once all rhinestones are in place on first row, try flipping cup over and placing on flat surface.  Push down gently on rhinestones towards flat surface to ensure they are all even.  Let dry
  7. Continue with next row until you have covered the tumbler
  8. Let Cure for 7 days
  9. Once completely Dry, Hand wash/scrub rhinestones with dawn soap and a soft bristle brush to remove excess glue that may have been on top of the stones.  Let dry.
  10. Enjoy your favorite beverage in your new BLING Tumbler

Note:  you can place stones in a honeycomb pattern, or scattered.  Try creating different designs with various size stones and colors

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