6 Unspoken Benefits of Diamond Painting

If you have started or completed a diamond painting project, then you already know how much fun it is.  Every time you take some time out to diamond paint, you concentrate on the task at hand and create something beautiful with your own hands, this generates an amazing feeling.  Diamond Painting engages your mind, and your body in a healthy way.

Diamond Painting is the perfect way to disconnect from all of the things that are making you stressed and just enjoy a few hours doing something you love Create something beautiful and artistic in the process.

Diamond Painting Helps You Relax 

    Yes, it is true!  We all live busy constantly on the go lives.

    Work, school, housekeeping, taking care of our family, exercising, social obligations, and so on.

    Our anxiety builds and we all know stress is bad for our health. Stress can lead to bad habits, so why not Start Diamond Painting and reap the benefits.

    Diamond painting is a craft that is gaining momentum across the world.  It is a cross between cross-stitch and paint by numbers.

    One of the most effective, non-medicinal treatments doctors prescribe is “stress reduction.” That means finding hobbies like diamond painting to help reduce the tension and stress in your life.

    A few minutes in and all your worries and stresses will melt away.

    DIY Diamond Painting Increases Concentration & Fine Motor Skills

    Go ahead admit it, we all are addicted to our phones, games, scrolling Facebook or Instagram, for hours.

    Guess what?  Too much of these types of activities is bad for our health and makes it more difficult for our brains to slow down and allow us to fall asleep at night.  In fact, scientific research shows that these activities are linked with anxiety and stress issue.

    Repetitive motions when we are painting with diamonds are actions that can boost our muscle memory and help improve motor skills. We all want that, right?

    So, instead, grab your favorite diamond painting kit and start relaxing and unwind as you place each diamond on your canvas. 

    Diamond Painting Is Perfect Quality FUN Family Time 

      Technology is taking over our households and it is increasingly more difficult to connect with our kids.  We spend less and less time together

      Although we can enjoy diamond painting alone, we also can diamond paint with others. It is a great craft and fun for all ages.  My daughter and I worked on a larger canvas together, it was great fun chatting as we worked to complete a beautiful art piece we now have hanging in our home

      Diamond Painting Sparks Your Creativity

        When we were younger, we had art class, free time to draw, build with blocks and just goof around anyway we wanted to.  I learned how to crochet from my grandmother, but as I got older the crochet hook and yarn got pushed to the side.

        Psychology research shows us that adults who stay playful and creative are usually healthier and happier.

        Diamond painting lets you express your creativity.

        Find a picture of a Diamond Painting that inspires you! As you work on the painting, imagine yourself in it. Visualizing yourself in the scenes you “paint” will automatically improve your creativity.

        Before you know it, you will be ordering blank diamond painting canvases and filling them in with your leftover diamond painting drills.

        Diamond Painting Can Boost Your Self-confidence

          When starting out with your first 5d diamond painting kit, you might feel a bit overwhelmed. Seeing the little diamonds you think “How in the world am I ever going to finish this?” I remember my Mom telling me, “Oh no, I can’t do this” At 77 years old she still loves the art and the benefits that come along with it.

          You don’t need to have any prior experience, just take a deep breath and grab your first color.  Before you know it, hours will have passed by and your masterpiece will start coming to life.

          Seeing the beautiful end result of your diamond painting will make you beam with pride and confidence.


          Be a Part of a Growing Community

          When you are a part of a bigger, broader community you get a fulfilling feeling.  With diamond painting growing and taking off all over the world, it’s becoming easier to find others who enjoy the art of diamond painting the same as you do!

          You can meet people who share the same similar interest through various social media channels.  Chat, learn share and more!  Find a community on Facebook, Pinterest and more.