Tips to Using Your Pen

You are excited to work on your new Diamond Painting Bling Art project, and even more excited that your Bling Art kit includes Bonus AB drills.... but you have heard working with AB drills can be challenging.
Have no fear... here are a couple tips!
Working With AB Drills -
So there's a few tips & tricks you can use when working with AB drills which tend to cause the wax to pull out of the pen tip as you place the AB drill onto the canvas.
1) Don't use fresh clean wax. You want to use old dirty wax in your pen tip. So, place some regular drills 1st until right before needing to change your wax then switch to placing the AB drills.
2) With AB drills don't just pull your pen straight up & off of the AB drill. Instead slide it to the side & off of the drill.
Also, double check your pen tip. The tips go bad over time & need to be replaced. You're looking to see if the brass top is misshaped in any way. If so, it time for a new pen.
Every kit you buy comes with a new tool kit, so you should never run out of tools 
If you are looking for an alternative, the wax pencil is a great option.  No need to fill a pen. Just sharpen it with a pencil sharpener and start dotting. 
Whether you use the applicator pen tool that is included in every kit or you opt for a wax pencil, you will be placing drill son your canvas in no time.  Before you know it you will have completed a beautiful piece of art