Frame Your Diamond Painting Like a Pro

Most of our kits have a small roll of washi tape included in the tool kit bag. This is used to border the picture while you are painting to cover the overflow of the sticky glue that might be on the sides. Some people also use it to section off their painting so they can work the canvas in sections. Others do not use it at all and save it for any other craft project.

Now that you have completed dotting every last drill on your canvas and you have made a masterpiece, it is time to give the finishing touches and provide it with a beautiful framing option.  There are many ways to provide a finish complete look:

1. Paint the top and bottom of the canvas, cut the sides off and hang using a magnetic hanger. Magnetic Frame.  Using this type of frame allows you to interchange your painting frequently.  Think of a new painting for every season.

2. Cut all the edges off and glue onto a white artist canvas. They sell these at your local hobby store.

3. Check your local thrift or goodwill stores they sometimes have frames you can repurpose for your art. You do not have to spend a lot of money on a frame to have your artwork look beautiful.

4.Visit your local hardware home improvement store and grab some molding.  Paint it the color of your choice and glue it to the top and bottom of your canvas.  Remember to keep the canvas edge so you have a place to glue the molding pieces.

5. If the frame you find is BIGGER than your canvas, then pick up a poster board from the local  dollar store to put behind it so it functions like a mat.