What to do with leftover drills?

After completing a few diamond painting projects, have you noticed your collection of leftover diamond drills building up?  They are so pretty and useful  you for sure do not want to throw them away. Why not put them to good use! You could just sort them by DMC color and store them just in case you should run low on a specific color for a future project, or you could use them to make some crafty items.

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Create Ornaments

Nothing better than receiving a handmade item from your bestie or better yet giving on.  Leftover diamond drills can be easily applied to the outside of those clear plastic empty ornament balls you can pick up at your local craft or dollar store. Just apply a small amount of glue and add your colorful diamonds.  Spell out a name, make a pattern or just cover it.   Not feeling up to using glue, just fill the ball with an assortment of colors.


2. Create your own pattern using blank canvas by using needlepoint patterns you can find online. Make personal greeting cards, use wood plaques and adhere your artwork to make a beautiful wall hanging.  You can even grab some small blank art canvas boards and glue your art work on those.  Set on a table top easel and you are all set.  Let your imagination run wild with the possibilities.


3. Use your imagination to cover various wood shapes, picture frames and signs



4. Bling out those plain tennis shoes and be the talk of the town. We used liquid fusion glue to apply these sparkly gems.


Whatever you decide to do with your spare drills, make it your own! Come share your projects with us on our Facebook group