Travel Easily with Diamond Painting Bling Art

If you are an on the go person, travel for work or take trips to relax, why not take your Diamond Painting along with you.  But you ask, how can I do this without damaging my art?

Here are a few tips to make travelling with your Diamond Painting easy and stress free.

#1 Rolling up a Canvas for Travel

Puzzle carriers could be your lifesaver when travelling. It helps keep your canvas rolled tight and protects it from any damage during your travels.  Make sure to roll your canvas with the diamonds facing outward so that it will not cause creases to your canvas.  If you are more of a DIY kind of person, then take an old cardboard mailing tube and roll your canvas again, diamonds facing outward, then carefully slide your painting into the tube.     


#2 Use Spill - Proof Vials for Your Diamonds/Rhinestones  

The last thing you want is to be driving along, your husband hits a bump in the road and all your diamonds go flying.  Makes it pretty difficult to retrieve them from the cup holder and floor board of the car. You need a secure, portable, and accessible storage container for all your diamonds.  

The best containers have screw-top lids that fasten all the way down and won’t come undone on accident.. You are also going to need a durable case to carry these vials in that has a zipper and foam inserts to keep everything locked in and secure. That way, you won’t experience any nasty diamond spills.

#3 Don't forget your Light Pad

If you are like most, you love your light pad and can't live without when you are diamond painting.  Of course, light pads come in several sizes, so depending on how much room you have choose the size that bests fits. I love the A4 for travel, and I suggest getting a padded portfolio case to put it in and protect it on the road. If your travelling by airplane, be sure to wrap your light pad up in some    T-shirts to give it extra cushion in your suitcase.

This case even has room for your tool kit and battery pack charger/ cords. 

Final Tip Bring a smaller kit along versus those Big Wall Art projects

I know, we all have that one BIG project we are working on that we are in love with, however being on the road with that monster is not a good idea.  Instead, take a long a smaller 30x40 or even smaller kit.  Maybe throw in a bookmark or some key chains for the extra fun of it.  Oh, and to make diamond painting easier in the car grab yourself a standard clipboard from the store and clip your painting kit on it so you have a flat surface to paint on.   


So as you can see, to bring all the comfort, relaxation, and focused concentration that diamond art brings you at home along with you on your next trip, it is super easy  Remember, many people have said when they have their diamond paintings on the go with them, they get lots of people who stop and ask what diamond painting is.  The colorful, shiny rhinestones are bound to bring a few people by to inquire if you’re ever diamond painting in a public place, so be ready.  Finally, don't forget to take a break from your diamond painting, even though I know you are a absolute diamond art fanatic.