5 Essential Types of Diamond Painting Drills

In Diamond Painting, there are some different kinds of drills. The most common are  square and round drills, however there are also specially shaped, crystal, AB and rhinestone drills. 

Let's talk about each:

Square/ Square Drill: One of the two most common shapes used for drills in a Diamond Painting. This describes the square shape. They are flat at the bottom and can contain a multitude of facets. Square drills are more challenging to place because if they are placed sideways they can keep you from placing other drills around it. Squares also create a more detailed image due to there not being any space between each drill.

Round/Round Drill: This describes one of the two most common drill shapes used in Diamond Painting. These are circular shaped drills that are flat on the bottom and cut on the top into shining facets. Round drills are said to be easier to place and sparkle more than square drills.

AB Drill:  AB is the abbreviation for Aurora Borealis. An iridescent coating is applied to the surface of the drill creating a beautiful rainbow effect over the base color of the drill. With some colors this tends more towards the silvery tones and with others more blues and greens. These flashes of colors will shift with lighting. They are great for creating extra shimmering effects on a Diamond Painting! You can see some here.

Special/Special Shape: Some Diamond Painting kits are classified as Special Shape Paintings. These are canvases that use a drill that is unique in shape or material. A majority of these are used in Partial drill kits. Crystal or Rhinestone drills are the most popular form of Special Shape Paintings.


Example of Crystal Drills

Crystal diamond painting drills