We are excited to share that we are in a transition phase of Upgrading our Diamond Painting Kits. Our improved diamond painting kits include the softest canvas made of high-grade velvet to minimize imperfections.

We are now including the most desirable AB diamonds and a better and improved tool kit to ensure a smooth experience of diamond painting.



 The canvas is the foundation on which we build our design and create that sprinkle sparkly diamond painting effect. If the foundation is defective, how can we assume that our end result will be a dazzling painting that will last for years?  Our kits are made from the softest, high-grade velvet that minimizes the chances of wrinkles and bubbles on the canvas.



The liquid glue is poured on our canvases, spread evenly, and set down to cure. The result is effective adhesiveness, with no wrinkles or bubbles. The liquid glue's tackiness doesn't get affected easily, and even if you see the river or crease forming on the poured glue, it won't affect the final result. Poured glue canvas is the preferred method versus double sided tape.


The most sought-after Aurora Borealis or AB diamonds are also included in our new upgraded kits to enhance and focus on certain parts of the design. These iridescent round drills have a special coating that simulates the colors of the Northern Lights of the polar region. AB drills are not a brand or color, it is the regular color diamond drill just with an opalescent effect.

We understand the growing demand for AB diamonds and the pain that diamond artists have to go through to replace ordinary drills with corresponding AB diamond drills. Our experts have simplified your efforts of finding the most sparkly diamond drills. They have thoughtfully selected the colors of AB diamonds to be included in the kit to give the diamond painting that extra bling. You won't have to spend extra time or go through the trouble of finding the right-sized AB diamond drills.

Order your new kits with shiny AB Diamonds


“A man is only as good as his tools.” ― Emmert Wolf

The fact is better tools do make your work experience 1000 times more smoother, faster, and near perfection.

"Perfectionism can't be achieved if we are using low standard tools to work." 

Our new kits have better tools for diamond painting. You will receive everything to get your diamond painting started, from better quality wax in its own container, multi-diamond placer tips, pen, Washi tape and more!

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Let us know in the comment section what you think of our diamond painting kits. All your ideas and suggestions are welcomed as we are here to serve you!