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Frog Rhinestone Bling Art Tumbler (RTS) - Diamond Painting Bling Art

Frog Rhinestone Bling Art Tumbler (RTS)

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Description *As Pictured* Ready to ship

20oz  rhinestone tumbler with Straw & lid
Tumbler is stainless steel, double walled, and vacuum sealed. They will keep drinks hot or cold for many hours! Each rhinestone is placed individually by hand.

While they are durable tumblers still need to be handled with care. Please hand wash only and no soaking. They are NOT dishwasher or microwave safe. They should not be left in a hot car. A few extra crystals will be sent to replace any mishaps that may happen. Please use liquid fusion glue to adhere the crystals. We are not responsible for mishandling or misuse of your tumbler. Care instructions will be included with your purchase.

Tumblers can be customizable. Please message us with any questions. Please keep in mind that colors may very slightly due to different screens/monitors.

All tumblers are handmade one of a kind items. Due to each crystal being hand placed it may not be exactly as pictured. I ask you to find the beauty in this because it makes them truly one of a kind.

NO returns or refunds. Cancellations will only be granted if made on the same day as placing your order.