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Diamond Painting Bling Art

Folklore Serenade by Stacy Deal 60x60cm (24"x24")

Folklore Serenade by Stacy Deal 60x60cm (24"x24")

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The diamond art kit features a stunning image of a giraffe playing the violin against a vibrant and colorful background. The giraffe is depicted in a playful and whimsical manner, adding a touch of charm to the overall design. The intricate details of the giraffe's spots and the strings of the violin are beautifully captured in the diamond art kit, making it a delightful and engaging project for art enthusiasts of all ages.

Artwork Licensed through Stacy Deal

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Full  Round or Square Diamond Drills 

Kit includes diamonds in resealable bags, our advanced tool kit featuring white tray with spout, pink wax, tweezers, washi tape, applicator pen with gripper and multi tips
All kits include bonus AB or Fairy Dust diamond

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